Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 pounds gone!

I really didn't expect to lose 3.3 lbs this week but I did!!!! I may actually have a shot at hitting the 15 lb mark by Christmas. How awesome would that be??

Not much else happening today....other than the weather. Today started out cold and clear. By 9 am, it was freezing drizzle but quickly turned over to the white fluffy stuff! It was really gorgeous! The snow just barely covers the ground but it's still so pretty! Tomorrow morning, I may singing a different tune after the melt-off re-freezes and I have to manuvere my way to work at 6 am. Only a few days ago, it was 60 degrees and sunny. Ah..gotta love winter in Kansas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tis the Season be jolly!!! And so far, I am! I'm really trying to budget my time wisely so that I don't get bogged down at the last minute. I have about three weeks to get everything done here at home before I leave to fly up to Michigan for Christmas.And although I love the pay, this working overtime on Saturdays is sucking the life out of my plan. I have yet to get anything wrapped, let alone getting it boxed and shipped in time for Christmas.

I still haven't gotten the heritage scrapbooks done. I may go ahead and give my siblings what I have done and then add to them each year. Luckily, only one of them has to be shipped out of state. I wonder how much that is going to cost.

I'm still plugging along on WW. I have to really think long and hard about not snacking and blowing what I have achieved so far. I'm hoping for at least two pounds this weelk (crossing fingers)

I put up my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree this past weekend. It looks kind of festive, if I do say so myself. All of the Metallica and Staind CD's have been replaced with holiday music. The only thing missing is the smaell of cookies baking. I just can't bring myself to make any because I know that I will eat some fo them. I'll save my indulgences for Christmas in Michigan!