Friday, April 11, 2008

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I just gotta tell ya.....

This losing weight thing ain't easy! I've been working at it since November. I wanted so badly to hit the 35 lb mark this week. I didn't. I stayed the the tenth of a pound. Next Thursday is the last week of this session. I, of course, am signing up for another session. So I will have to think of a new set of goals to achieve this time.

For starters, my long term goals for the session are to lose another 10% of my present weight and then to hit 50 lbs by the end of June. That would give me 10 weeks to lose 15 lbs...a pound and a half a week on average. Should be doable. (crossing fingers)

Short term goals...hmmmm. I need to drink more water and get more exercise. I do have a 4 mile walk coming up on April 25th for the March of Dimes. But I need to more. the problem is that I don't LIKE all. Never have. Never will. But I KNOW I have to do it.

So for now, that is enough to think about.